Privacy policy

1. Who is responsible for your information?
Responsible for processing your personal information:

Seeland International A / S
Greve Main 3
2670 Greve
Reg. 15 04 98 47
Phone: +45 43 410 410

2. What is your information used for?

We process your personal information for the following purposes:

Delivery of agreed services / goods / services.

Communicate with you in connection with the provision of our services.

Individual marketing, tailoring tailor made offers and services to just your personal needs and wishes / Target relevant offers.

Surveys, statistics and analyzes to improve our products and services.

In connection with possible legal requirements.

Please note that the disclosure of personal data may be a contractual requirement or a requirement to be included in a contract. In these situations, we will not be able to offer you our products and services unless you provide us with the required information.

3. What information do we process about you?

We only deal with information about you for the purposes mentioned in section 2.

The extent of the information being processed will be limited to what is necessary to achieve that purpose.

We treat the following categories of information about you:

General Information:

General contact information (such as name, email, phone number and address)

Gender and Age
Geo location
Payment details
Purchase History
Cookie Info
IP address
Information provided in connection with a possible complaint

Sensitive information:
If you provide health information or other sensitive information in connection with a complaint, the information required for processing your case is processed.

We treat only sensitive information about you, provided you have given us your explicit consent.

4. How do we collect data about you?
The data we process about you will most often be collected directly from you. We can process information about you collected from third parties, such as: Online sources, such as social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Our partners.

If we process information about you collected from third parties, we provide you with a notification containing the contact information of the data controller, the purposes of the processing, the legal basis, the affected categories of personal data, etc.

5. On what basis do we process your personal information?

Our processing of personal data is always based on a legal basis.

We can process your personal information on the following basis:

- Your express consent.
- The processing is required to fulfill a contract for which you are a party or for the implementation of measures taken at your request prior to the conclusion of a contract.
- The treatment is necessary to comply with a legal obligation that is borne by Seeland International A/S.
- The processing is necessary for Seeland International A/S or third parties to pursue a legitimate interest. Legitimate interests may be;
- Ongoing improvement of products, services, shopping experience and technologies.
- To target our communication with you in accordance with your preferences.

6. Who can we share your information with?

We can share information about you with:

- Our suppliers
- Our partners and internally in the Group.
- Analysis and segmentation platforms, such as GoogleAnalytics, Facebook Businessmanager, or Youtube.
- Public authorities, if required by law.
- Warning records that identify risky transactions for the purpose of combating (organized) online fraud.

If we share information about you with third parties for marketing purposes, we will only share the common information you have entered on

7. When do we transfer personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA?

Your personal information can be processed by data-processing professionals located outside the EU / EEA.

If your personal information is processed by a provider in another country, Seeland International A / S ensures that the provider processes your information only in accordance with the Seeland International A / S instructions and that the information is further processed under appropriate technical and organizational safety measures.

If we transfer personal data to a data processor located outside the EU / EEA, the data will be processed for the purposes mentioned in item 2 only.

We only transfer your personal data abroad if:

- The Commission has established that the country has an adequate level of security, or
- The transfer is based on an agreement that effectively secures your rights as well as an adequate level of protection, or the transfer is based on the Commission's standard provisions.

8. How long will we keep your information

Seeland International A / S delivers continuous information about inactive customers, and only keeps your information as long as they are necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were originally collected.

9. What security measures have we taken?

At Seeland International A / S we do our best to take good care of your personal information.

We secure your personal information through technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your information from unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction / deletion or loss of information.

10. What rights do you have
As a customer at Seeland International A / S, you as registered have the right to exercise the following rights:

- Data Portability, i.e. that upon request you may receive the information you have provided yourself to Seeland International A / S in a structured, plain and machine-readable format.
- Ability to withdraw your consent.
- The exercise of your rights may be subject to conditions and limitations, and will depend greatly on the specific treatment situation.

As a customer at Seeland International A / S, you are entitled to inspect and correct your information at any time, as you may, to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data.

You may at any time request that your personal information at Seeland International A/S be deleted. Your information will be deleted at your request if one of the following criteria applies;

- You withdraw your consent (if your consent formed the basis for the treatment),
- Do not want to receive direct marketing,
- The information appears to be incorrect, or
- No longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected or if
- The information is processed illegally.
- If you believe that Seeland International A/S. is processing your personal information illegally, you have the opportunity to file a complaint with the Danish Data Inspectorate.

11. Cookies

See Cookie Policy HERE.